Simply Queer is owned and ran by a black queer woman in Texas by the name Jay.

Simply Queer was first envisioned four years ago when Jay came to America for the first time. Coming from a country where you are taught to hate everything that you feel and represent, where to love freely is to risk family rejection, social condemnation and to be legally imprisoned, Jay experienced for the first time the true meaning of freedom; freedom to love and freedom to express her individuality.

Being awakened to this new found freedom, Jay began filling her closet with clothes and underwear that best expresses her masculinity but every time she went in the store, there's always just two options or sections, men and women. She did fall in love with men's underwear both pouched and flat, but I'm sure you know that "side eye look' you get when shopping the men's underwear section.

At Simply Queer, our goal is to give you your own section where you can be free to express yourself however you want in our pouched and flat underwear collection. 

We also believe that these sections should be just as affordable, that's why our products are made available to you at the most affordable price.

Every stitch of every pair is made with your comfort and expression in mind.